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second str8crushfeet Official basket team – the job of the water boy is to wash our feet and socks with his tongue after the games. Each member of this team is like a special ingredient that adds something unique and personal to the team. This clip fascinated me, I think I could even say that it surpasses the first. The second str8crush basketball team is finally here. It was hard to find a group that was encouraged to participate… more than anything because of the challenge that comes after this second basket clip that includes that in a few months, the official teams will face each other and within the losing team, the worst player will have to lick the feet of the winning team, that’s right, a straight boy should lick the feet of other straight guys from the team who not only beat and humiliated them on the pitch, but also, he will have to receive some extra humiliation for them turning the loser in a foot slave (that is the purpose of the third installment of this saga that is scheduled for the next few months) we will wait a while until the third clip comes out, because as you may have noticed, Andres is replacing Steve as coach, Steve was the captain of this team, but due to his recent surgery he must be at rest, however He has already recovered the mobility of his arm, we will wait for his doctor to authorize him in the next few months to participate in the match, because Steve asked me to wait for him, he says that he can win even in the recovering process of his arm, he wants to prove himself and humiliate a guy from the losing team with his feet. but I guarantee that the clip, unlike the delay that existed between the first and the second, will be much, much shorter. In truth, we will only take time because we all want to wait for Steve, both his team and I, but I suppose his fans too.

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Audio: 156kbps

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