Two more aspiring Samurai meet and spar, muscular macho bottom Rio and stern, stoic Kosuke. Before the battle these two must perfect their swordsmanship, parrying with wooden practice swords. Then come their daily workouts, counting their squats as their bodies dip deep and low, their thick tools and heavy nuts dangling beneath robes and loincloths. When they reach the magic 10,000th rep, they collapse exhausted against the wall. But practice is not over till they complete one more match, a dick fight. Kosuke is first to peel down the belt and loincloth that barely covers Rio’s groin, taking in his thick cock down a thirsty throat. Rio smacks his stiffy against Kosuke’s tongue, just to tease his buddy. Kosuke’s uncut dick is hanging low and loose, but with Rio working his cocksucking skills, it’s not long before is stiff, straight and filling up Rio’s hungry mouth. Kosuke’s hips begin to pump effortlessly, propelling his cock further and deeper into his partner’s juicy throat. Time to get naked, and Kosuke teases Rio’s nuts, tugging at one and then the other with his lips. Kneeling behind Rio, he slides his raw cock in smooth and deep. Rio’s panting moans show he’s hitting just the right spot. The horny bottom cocks his head back and grimaces in a hot combination of intense pleasure mixed with a little pain. His ass is plowed full. Lying him back and leaning forward into a kiss, Kosuke primes the samurai to take the final volley of thrusts. He pulls Rio’s hand away and strokes his buddy’s peaking erection, letting him take charge just as his cock spews out a creamy wad. Standing above Rio’s face, Kosuke jerks his load onto Rio’s tongue and coats his beard in a layer of splattered sperm. He presses his cummy cock forward for Rio to get one last taste.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:57
Video: 3840×2160, AVC (H.264), 24555kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 3.2 GB

Download Peter Fever – Sword of the Samurai 2- Sword Fight – Kosuke, Rio 4K

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