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New GuyBone Guy Jeremiah Jones got real cozy real quick with dashing costar Miles Fallon. Can you blame him? Miles is a hairy babe. And Jeremiah is a sexy, masculine stud who needed to feel boy hole wrapped around his DILF dick. Miles was just the boy for the job. He nibbled and licked and kissed his way down Jeremiah’s tatted, toned torso, inching his way toward the grand prize, that swelling mound inside ’s briefs. It was evident the young pup just wanted to please his partner in any way he could. He rubbed his chubbing cock and nuzzled it through the cotton, then slowly and teasingly revealed it for his young tongue to taste. They both moaned, the heat of Miles’ mouth enveloping Jeremiah’s rock hard dong.

The youngin slurped and gobbled down that raging erection, slobbering all over it, worshipping the shaft and caressing those big, hairy balls. All the while, he showed off his beautiful bubble butt in his own tight undies, his sexy legs and feet outstretched toward the edge of the bed. Jeremiah complimented him and encouraged more oral as they slid into a sexy 69. rimmed , opening his furry hole with his talented tongue, showing him what a ’s real love looks like. He buried his face in his boy’s ass, devouring that sweet pucker and scruffing his salt and pepper beard between his butt cheeks. Miles pulled his ass open for Jeremiah, giving him full access to that delicious dumper. As he sat on his ’s face and felt that ruby wet tongue glide across his opening, he swallowed down Jeremiah’s dick to the base, showing how much he appreciated their time together.

The taste test was hot, but they desperately needed to move on to the touch and feel portion of the evening. Touch dick to hole, feel cock slide in ass, to be more specific. Jeremiah lubed his boy’s hairy hole with SPUNK and eased his man rod inside. Miles’ perfect butt took it like a champ and gave up entirely to the ecstacy. The feeling they both must have felt in that instant, coming together as one, Miles fucking himself on Jeremiah’s bareback boner. They were a perfect fit, picking up the pace immediately and starting their sensual screw.

Jeremiah humped his tight ass in , his hot breath on Miles’ neck and ear. They kissed and narrated the sex, driving each other as wild as they could. Both horny as fuck, they continued their raw romp as Jeremiah stuffed his engorged sex stick inside his . He flipped Miles over and kissed his pretty feet as he massaged his hairy legs and teased that amazing hole with his steel shaft. He slid it inside the boy once again, stretching him to perfection, filling him up with good dick. He cradled him and kissed him tenderly and passionately as he pinned him to the mattress.

Jeremiah’s hot, athletic, and muscular body looked incredible as he drove his dick in and out of Miles. What a magnificent top he was for his boy. He took care of him while also fulfilling his own desires and needs. Miles took charge again as he sat on ’s dick and bounced like a good boy, up and down on that stiff pole. His butt banged against Jeremiah’s firm legs as he rode him. And it wasn’t long until needed to cum, so he flipped him onto his stomach and put his legs tight together to create the most friction against his fuck stick as he entered him a final time.

He railed him hard like they both craved and didn’t stop until he felt his seed build up in his sack. He pulled out and painted his boy’s back with his man sperm then pushed his pulsing prick back inside to breed the rest of his cummy load into his . Miles returned the foot fetish worship on Jeremiah, tongue fucking his toes and rubbing his soles across his own scruffy mug. Then Jeremiah was back inside him, fucking him on his back, pounding that prostate to work a load out of Miles as well.

In the end, nothing gets a boy there faster than being held in his ’s arms while he jerks to the sensation of being finger fucked knuckle deep. Miles blasted his seed across his stomach and pubes, Jeremiah scooping some up to taste and then sharing the cum on his tongue with his . They kissed the load down their throats and eased into post-orgasmic bliss. and bonding at its best.

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